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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New GMGAGN contest: Win the 2011 World Series DVD------>

CONTEST EXTENDED UNTIL AT LEAST MONDAY (12.05), possibly until mid-week.  Get your entry in now for your chance to win--before it's too late!!

As an incredibly famous baseball blogger, throngs of major media outlets are constantly beating down my door for a few precious minutes of my time.  When the folks at the A&E network asked if I'd review their DVD (a MLB Production) of the 2011 World Series, I decided to have Jessica (my head personal assistant) rearrange my schedule to accommodate their request.  I rejected the first four productions, and they nearly scrapped the entire project, based solely on my disgust for the way Tony LaRussa was portrayed.

Ok, nothing in that paragraph is true.

Except that I was actually asked to review the official 2011 World Series DVD film, and write my review of it here.  The good news for you is that I'm also running a contest to win a free copy of said DVD, which includes an exclusive bonus disc of game 5 of the NLDS (the historic Carpenter/Halladay game).

In typical 'MLB Productions' fashion, the film is very well done and captivated my attention from the very beginning.  It opens with some of the most famous highlights and calls in World Series history.

"A long drive...if it stays fair..."

"Behind the bag!  It gets through Buckner!!"

"Touch 'em all, Joe!  You'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!"

"I don't believe what I just saw!"

The first fifteen minutes or so take us from Spring Training, and the Pujols contract/Wainwright injury drama through the ups & downs of the season, and into the postseason.  From there, the DVD really dives into the playoff run, and takes a real focus on the World Series.  There's such good insight provided by the mini interviews with players, managers...etc.

Whether you've got love or hatred (few fall in between) for Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, or other broadcasters (for me, it's TBS--I find it REALLY hard to listen to those guys call the games in the Division Series games), you'll be happy with the way this DVD turned out.  A fantastic mix of the calls from the TV guys, local radio guys, national radio guys...they really did a great job bringing in the voices behind the microphones to life throughout the film--it really enhances some of the more exciting moments!

One particular thing that jumped out at me, that the DVD showed, was a little glimpse into just how smart of a baseball player Albert Pujols is.  He talks about his expectations in an at-bat against Mike Gonzalez in Game 3.  Albert talks about how he remembered the way Gonzalez pitched him during his days in the National League, and expected heat.  Which he got.  And promptly deposited that pitch into the seats.  He also talks about knowing he was going to see a cutter later in a sequence in another at-bat.  Very insightful stuff!!

Trust me, if you're a fan of the game of baseball, you will love this DVD, for the historical reasons and all the significance surrounding what unfolded from August 25th through the end of October.  Unless you're a die hard Texas Rangers fan, and trust me, there's a part of me that (even as a Cardinals fan) agonizes with that fan base, you'll enjoy watching this over and over again.  This DVD needs to be in your collection!

And it can be.  You can click the banner and buy a copy (well worth every cent), you can click here, or you can enter the GMGAGN contest, and win a free copy!

So, you wanna win?  Of course you do.  Here's what you're gonna need to do:

Put on your hindsight goggles, and tell me what you'd be willing to do if you could go back in time, and attend game 6 of the 2011 World Series.  Arguably the most exciting World Series game ever played, what would you be willing to do if you could've been there?  Let's hear it.

Contest will run all week.  I'll shut it down Sunday evening sometime (12.04.11).  Honestly, I'm not going to put a hard & fast time as the deadline to have your submission in.  If you've waited until Sunday evening to submit it, it's safe to assume you're cutting it close.  Believe me, though, I'm not out to hose ya--I wish I had dozens of copies to give away--it's THAT good!

One entry per household, must be 18 or older and a resident of the United States, no takes-y backs-y, and I'm rubber, you're glue.

Ok, let's hear what ya got!


  1. If I had to do it all over again, I would've snuck into Busch Stadium disguised as a concession stand worker, risking jail time to witness that bit of history. Being able to don the orange sports service polo one more time would've allowed me to do my finest Buck impersonation as I left the park, stating..."And...We'll see you tomorrow night!"

  2. For me I'm not sure if I would want to be in the stadium that day. Something about watching it on TV with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver made it that much more interesting. Plus interacting online with friends and rivals while it was happening. I loved seeing people proclaim the Rangers as World Series Champs on facebook, only to see it go the other way.

    Also I had just watched the youtube vido of Jack Buck's call of the 1991 World Series Game 6. Probably that day. Someone posted a link. I thought it was awesome, I don't recall that call, but I'm sure I watched it. When I was a kid, the World Series was the one time I could stay up late and watch baseball with my dad.

    Jack Buck's "We will see you tomorrow Night", after Kirby Pucket's walkoff. It was exactly 20 years + 1 day from the historic 2011 World Series Game 6. After Freese's 11th inning walk off HR and hearing Joe Buck quote his father from 20 years ago gave me goosebumps. If I would have been in the stands that day and not watching on TV I would have missed that great call.

    However. I would loved to go to game 7. My grandfather is over 80 years old and still lives in St. Louis, My father is a die hard Cardinal fan and passed his fandom onto me, plus I have an 8 year old son. I would have loved to experience game 7 with 4 generations of my family to experience that once in a lifetime event. But for me, Game 6 in front of my TV was perfect.

  3. At the end of May, I quit my job and started in nursing school full time. With a crazy schedule and tons of work to do, I was lucky to have even gone to one Cards game this summer. Once the wild card chase and playoffs started, school went on the back burner, and I had many nights where I should have been studying or working on papers, but the Cardinals were always my number one priority. But Game 6 was the night before I had a huge test. What could I do? I tried to study in between innings at the beginning of the game, but as the night went on, my efforts were useless. I was too nervous about the game and what could be the end of the season.

    We all know what happened with the game, and I’ll just say that I woke up early the next morning and crammed some info into my brain and made it though the test. But if I could do it again, I would have totally just skipped studying, bought tickets with my friends who went to the game, and would have just winged the test. Or maybe they would have let me take it early on account of the “holiday” that was occurring that week in the city. Sure, I’m spending $50,000 on my education, don’t have a job, and could barely afford the ticket, but that would have been completely worth possibly failing a test. Cardinals baseball has always been that important to me, and I’ll always support them no matter what.

  4. Looking back, I would have had to act quickly to make the trip happen. First, I would have contacted my nephew who lives in the area to talk with everyone he knew to get us tickets. A backup plan would be to go early and try to find someone selling a ticket at the stadium. Next, I would have to devise a plan to get out of work on that Thursday. Since my aunt lives in the area, it might have to revolve around her health, but I would have to word it in a way so that I wasn't being dishonest. Putting the most difficult task off until the last, I would have to convince my wife that spending the money for a ticket and missing work would be well worth the hardship because something like this may never come around again! Being in that electric environment would have been something I would never forget! It was great to watch on TV, but to be there in person would have been priceless!

  5. We've decided to extend the contest at least into Monday evening, perhaps into mid-week. Get your entry in now for your chance to win!

  6. What I most remember from the 2011 season is Game 6 and David Freese continuing on the Cardinals season. Also from shortly before his playoff run I've had contact with him and his sister. It's minor but to say I know the guy that won the NLCS MVP and go on to win the WS MVP is even cooler than that. Not many can say they are in my position of being in contact with a WS MVP.

    As you know I run his official facebook page with his sister and it grew a good 30,000 likes during that run. His popularity skyrocketed after all that.. but in the end, he's still a down to earth guy and recognizes what I do to help promote for his fans around the world.

    One more thing.. from the personal side of things my dad has been thru so much and to have both of our favorite teams win a championship is the icing on a rough physical year. Packers & Cards fans we are, and what a run for both of them. Team's were pretty similar and the way they made the playoffs and went on a great run.. just amazing... 2011 most of all was a great year for myself. Getting to see my Packers win the SB, getting my GED, becoming closer to David Freese, then seeing the Cards win another title (with him playing a big role). Not sure this year can ever be topped with all the struggles and tears of joy.

  7. Contest winner will be announced tonight on the United Cardinals Bloggers podcast. Starts at 9:30 CST.


  8. It would've been incredible to be at Busch Stadium that night. That game--just like the entire month of September and the postseason--was nerve-wracking for me. As much as I love the Cardinals, I don't know if I could have been there to watch it in person. It was an emotional game to watch at home, much less to be there in the bleachers. But knowing the outcome, I would've driven six hours from Tennessee and spent hundreds of dollars to be there for that historic moment!